Flavoured molasses from the finest tobacco in Dubai and UAE

Here at Al Arabi, we believe that the secret to creating the richest and most flavourful shisha products lies in two things: high quality raw ingredients and a strict adherence to the highest standards of manufacturing.

That is why we only use choice tobacco leaves to create the flavoured molasses that serve as the foundation of our products.

Acquiring the best raw tobacco from one of the leading sources in the world

Our company imports its supply of raw tobacco exclusively and directly from Poland, which is one of the largest exporters of tobacco and cigarette products across the globe.

This gives us access to a steady and reliable supply of the vital raw ingredient we need for our shisha products.

More importantly, it helps ensure the excellent quality of products we manufacture at our molasses factory in Ras Al Khaimah. Tobacco from Poland is widely renowned around the world for its rich and full flavour, which makes it the perfect base ingredient for our products in UAE.

Enforcing quality at our molasses factory in UAE

In addition to using the best raw ingredients, we have a stringent quality control system in place at our molasses factory. We have a dedicated quality control department responsible for monitoring the manufacturing process, from start to finish, and making sure that standards and controls are adhered to during every stage of production.

From the shipment of the raw ingredients to the packing and delivery of products to retailers, distributors, and direct clients, our quality control team makes certain the Al Arabi standard is always met and fulfilled.

So whether you own a shisha shop in Dubai, or you have a chain of shisha cafes across Dubai and UAE, you can rest assured you’re receiving world-class flavoured molasses when you partner with Al Arabi.

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