The company behind the brand

The success of Al Arabi did not happen overnight. It is the result of lengthy product research and development, aimed at creating the perfect shisha variants. One thing we pride ourselves on is our product diversity. We have something for everyone, from the avid enthusiast to the occasional indulger.

Behind the creative minds at Afrah Tobacco and Cigarette Factory – a leading name in the tobacco and cigarette industry – we have developed, manufactured, and produced variants of high quality shisha products for those who are peculiar with taste, sensation, and flavour.

Our unique line of shisha products is made from choice tobacco, grown and flourished in thes flowing fields of Poland. The rawness and purity of our tobacco molasses allows us to create strong yet smooth shisha for our customers to enjoy.

Excellence exemplified, quality assured

Product quality sits at the core of what we do here at Afrah Tobacco and Cigarette Factory. As a company, we are constantly in pursuit of perfection. Our mission is to maintain the market leadership of the Al Arabi brand by providing world-class shisha. And the best way to do that is to deliver value-for-money products to our clientele with consistency.

We strive to create new and refreshing flavours and sensations, while simultaneously improving the products we already have on offer. Our base of operations is in Ras Al Khaimah, where we have a fully equipped manufacturing facility operating at full capacity.

We have strict in-house quality control guidelines to ensure our work processes are always aligned to producing great products. Additionally, we utilise the best European machines for cutting and processing our raw materials, so the richness of the flavours remains intact.

Our packaging is fully-branded and developed to help maintain the richness and flavour of our products, even after lengthy periods of storage. Finally, we have the capability to ship locally or overseas, making our products available and competitive at an international level.