Our Diverse Product Range

Our Diverse Product Range

Product excellence exemplified

Al Arabi’s main offering is shisha variants. As one of the premier shisha brands in the market today, we are committed to exclusively offering luxury products of world-class quality, at prices that are supremely affordable. Our brand is built on excellence, perfection, and value. Our mission is to continuously make new and exciting flavours catering to our widening market, which ranges from budding enthusiasts to shisha connoisseurs. We have a premier range of shisha that promises to bring new and exciting sensations to our valued customers. We make use of all-natural, all-organic tobacco, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality products in the market today.

For strength, smoothness, and quality, we source all our raw tobacco from Poland. This allows us to create shishas offering the richest of flavours. Furthermore, we make use of the most advanced cutting and processing machines from Europe, which enables us to preserve the integrity and quality of our tobacco.

We implement strict in-house quality control measures to maintain the quality of our products, aligning our standards in adherence to international regulations.

Our Diverse Product Range

Here at Al Arabi, we constantly strive to create decadent leisure experiences, with shisha products and variants that are manufactured and blended to perfection. bring more products to our customers. We have ten flavoured shishas as part of our initial offering to the market:

  • Mint
  • Double Apple
  • Mint and Grape
  • Watermelon
  • Mint and Bubble-gum
  • Lemon and Mint
  • Blueberry
  • Grape
  • Strawberry
  • Bubble-gum

We will not stop there, however. We will continue to grow our product range to include new flavours, new sensations, new products.